Aluminum slug

Aluminum slug

Aluminum slug for the production of tubes, aerosol containers are made in accordance with the customer's individual specifications.

Chemical composition:

In accordance with the given norms and standards: EN AW-1050A [Al 99.5]; EN AW-1070A [Al 99.7]; EN AW-1200 [Al 99.0]; EN AW-3207 [AlMn0.6]; AA1050, AA1070, AA1170 MSZ EN 573-3 or DIN EN 573-3 (formerly DIN 1712 / T3) and in accordance with other standards.


open-hearted: outer diameter 18.8 - 75.7 mm, thickness 3-10 mm
bore: outer diameter 18.8 - 63.2 mm, thickness 3-6 mm, hole diameter 4-25 mm


According to EN 570 (DIN 59604) standards or for special requirements.


Flat, conical or domed


Vibrationally tumbled, shot blasted or tumbled
Brinell hardness in case of Al 99.5% max. 23 HBS after tumbling, for Al 99,7% max. 21 HBS after tumbling.


The slugs are packed in boxes with a weight of 20-25 kg, which can be wrapped with PE foil.
The boxes are packed on pallets, or in wooden boxes according to transport conditions and customer requirements. The packaging on the pallet is wrapped with stretch foil. The pallet can weigh 675-1000 kg. The standard is 800kg.

All delivery conditions and specification in accordance with the terms of the order. We are ready to meet all customer requirements.

The product is ISO 9002 certified.


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