Aluminum rod

Aluminum rod

Round aluminum wire rod is the basic product of an aluminum smelter. The main recipient of this product is the electrotechnical industry.

Chemical composition:

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs EN 573-3:
EN AW-1350 [EAl 99,5]
EN AW-1370 [EAl 99,7]
EN AW-6101 [EAlMgSi]
EN AW-6101B [EAlMgSi(B)]
EN AW-6201 [EAlMg0,7Si]
Material can be produced in accordance with ASTM and GOST standards as well. Chemical composition can be changed to meet individual demands.
Diameter: 9.5 mm, 12 mm, 15 mm, Tolerance: +/- 5%.

Mechaniczne i elektryczne właściwości

zgodne z DIN EN 1715-2 :

Mechanical and electrical properties in accordance with DIN EN 1715-2:

Circular size: weight approx. 2,000 kg / outer diameter 1400 mm / internal diameter 540 +/- 20 mm / width: 850 +/- 20 mm Packaging: horizontal or vertical arrangement of circles on pallets. The circles are protected with PE film with absorbent. The packaging can be made according to your requirements. The technical conditions of the product are always in line with those agreed in the order. All products meet the ISO 9002 standard.
Wire rod from 30 to 400 mm2. Additional information at


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