Our latest offer includes:

  • • copper tubes with a diameter of 4 to 30 mm and thickness from 0.27mm

  • • precision steel or galvanized or copper tubes with a medium to 8 mm and thickness up to 1 mm

  • • aluminium tubes with a diameter of 5 to 25mm and a wall from 0.6mm

  • • brass elements (standard and special screws, details)

  • • Tapes for electricity 10x1, rolling also sector and aluminium slugs

Our Asian partner is a manufacturer of copper pipes with an annual production of 60,000 tonnes and is an exporter to 20 countries around the world. Certified by American, Japanese and European EN-12735-1 and 2 and EN1057

Adequate production capacity allows for fast execution for orders up to 2 weeks. Delivery time from Asia is approx. 5 weeks

Our company offers all the basic types of precision pipes available on the market


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